Cyber attack impacted Canyon at the close of 2019

Canyon has announced that it was victim of a cyber attack at the close of 2019, allegedly by a specialist group targeting companies.

The security breach has now been ironed out, said the firm in a statement, adding that the effect on trade is just some mild delays in customer contact and a few changes to deliveries in the days following.

“The attack shows massive criminal intent,” offered Canyon CEO Roman Arnold. “Due to the encryption of our IT infrastructure, work and business processes were temporarily massively affected.

“We are making every effort to keep the impact on our customers and fans as low as possible and to get back to normal operations as quickly as possible. We regret this incident very much and apologize that Canyon is currently not able to offer its usual standard of service.”

Orders are reportedly largely unaffected, with Canyon’s IT systems at the Koblenz headquarters and international offices taking the brunt of the attack. The U.S. operation was unaffected.

Fears of cyber attack are rising around the globe as international relations become strained by the threat of war. Security experts in the field of online retail are advising businesses not to skip over shoring up their website defenses should they rely heavily on online trade.