Cycle Show’s e-Bike exhibitors to be reminded of type approval responsibility

Exhibitors showing pedal assisted bikes at this week’s Birmingham Cycle Show are to be inspected to ensure they are complying with type approval legislation, CI.N has learned.

Working closely with the show’s organisers, the Bicycle Association of Great Britain has assisted in drafting an email to exhibitors encouraging clarity on category type, with anything surpassing current rules on speed and power to be badged as such.

Exhibitors will now be required to be able to prove type approval, in particular on any twist and go models featured.

The email sent to brands exhibiting electric bikes reads:

Dear Exhibitor,

Hope all is well and the preparation for the show is going well.

It is our responsibility to make sure that our visitors are getting the correct information at the show. We must all make sure that we are trading honestly and allowing our customers to make an informed decision.

If your product is not an Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle (EAPC) according to the rules given at: and in the official guidance documents attached then you must CLEARLY convey to potential customers that to be used legally on the public highway (on or off road) it must be registered, taxed, insured and ridden with motorbike driving licence and a motorcycle helmet.

Otherwise, you must CLEARLY state that it can only legally be used on private land to which the public do not have access, with the landowner’s permission.

If you are exhibiting a “Twist and go” type EAPC then please bring evidence of type approval with you for us to examine on request.