4iiii’s trackable power meter will be showcased at Sea Otter 2019

First spotted at CES in February, 4iiii’s anti-theft trackable power meter will be unveiled to the bike trade at Sea Otter 2019 this week.

The result of a team up between 4iiii and Chipolo, tracking will now be offered ‘as standard’ in the 4iiii Precision Power meter family.

Sea Otter Classic visitors will be able to test out the tracking aspect for themselves, with 30 power meters scattered around the show ground.

The tracking will work through the refreshed 4iiii app. To activate, users mark the power meter as ‘lost’, then, any 4iiii or Chipolo apps on a smartphone in Bluetooth range, will unobtrusively ‘ping’ the power meter on the bike. When a phone successfully communicates with the lost bike it will send this location to the owner. The app is currently only iOS but an Android version is in the works.

4iiii’s unexpected entry into the anti-theft arena will no doubt be welcomed by the trade and cycle consumers, with bike theft on the rise in the UK, including a significant spate of break-ins suffered by the nation’s cycle retailers.

“At 4iiii, we continue with our commitment to add value to our products long after they have been purchased and we strive to protect the investment of our Triiiibe” says 4iiii MD Eric Gerstenbuher. “Effective April 10th, all models in the 4iiii PRECISION family of powermeters, including PRECISION and Podiiiium models, will be empowered to find your bike, fight theft, and grow the tracking network.”

Chipolo CTO, Jure Zdovc added: “Our mission is to give every product the power to be found. And with integrating Chipolo technology into the 4iiii Powermeter we are going one step forward. Chipolo is now available to integrators through the obvıous app store to integrate into many diverse products.”

4iiii is distributed by Pinpoint to the UK cycle trade.