“Would you let your loved ones cycle here?,” asks new Cycling Embassy of Great Britain tool

Cycling campaigners at the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain have launched a new tool to assist advocates in demonstrating just how poor conditions for safe travel by bike can be.

The “insert loved on here” tool allows those looking to illustrate lacklustre efforts at cycling infrastructure to authorities by allowing users to upload a photo, before overlaying a badge illustrating the dangerous area where the cyclist is expected to ride.

Chair of the Cycling Embassy Mark Treasure said “We certainly wouldn’t want our friends, family or loved ones to be exposed to danger, or to be placed in frightening or intimidating situations. Yet this is what using cycling infrastructure in Britain routinely involves, even the kind of cycling infrastructure that appears in our latest manuals and guidance, and that is commonplace on British streets and roads. .

“A powerful way of shining a light on this kind of poor cycling infrastructure is to ask a simple question: would you want your loved ones cycling on it?”

“We hope people will share their examples of hostile or intimidating cycling environments, highlighting just how different they look when we imagine someone we care about using them.”

The tool, found at cycling-embassy.org.uk/iloh, is open for anyone to use to create shareable images.