Cycling industry rounds behind Global Climate Strike

Both Specialized Bicycles and UK distributor Silverfish have announced their intention to close down their businesses on Friday in support of the Global Climate Strike.

In a message to Specialized employees, Mike Sinyard wrote: “All teammates are encouraged to ride their bikes and participate in Global Climate Strike events taking place on September 20th. I’ll be riding to Morgan Hill City Hall to join students in our community and other demonstrators, let’s ride together.”

Over the pond in the UK Silverfish UK has issued a statement saying that it too will close its offices, workshops and warehouses, encouraging staff to join the demonstrations. Joint Managing Directors, Darren and Sarah Mabbott will be joining the protest in Plymouth.

Touted to be the largest mobilisation of climate activists in history, the issue is one that those in the cycling industry generally have synergies with. Where mass cycling has replaced motorised transport pollution levels are consistently shown to decline.

Starting from 9pm PDT on Thursday and running a full 24 hours, all links on the Specialized website will redirect to the company’s homepage which will display the Global Climate Strike message encouraging mass participation.

Among other multinationals taking part, long-term activists Patagonia, Burton and Lush are signed up.

If you want to join an event near to you – and they are happening all over the UK – please use this link and enter your postcode.

Is your company getting involved? Let us know here.