Cytech sees over 115 technicians certified in September 2021

Cytech course continue to be in high demand as it has experienced the highest number of practical technicians certified within one month. In September 2021, over 115 technicians were certified in the UK alone.

This comes after it was reported that the demand for Cytech courses is up 60% on last year, despite many courses pre-booked months in advance due to the pandemic. This demand increase also includes the Cytech technical e-Bike course.

The Cytech technical e-bike course in particular has become increasingly popular and seems to be the aspirational course for many technicians. The Theory one course is also seeing an increase in demand and many people are looking to begin their career as a professional cycle technician.

With new hires on the up and new mechanics entering the industry, possessing the skills learnt in Theory one will give employees a strong foundation of knowledge to better their ability to talk to customers, sell products, advise on basic repairs and build their career. The online learning course delivers an introduction to bicycle maintenance that can be completed anywhere and in your own time.

To accommodate the extra demand there are now even more Cytech training centres across the UK with 5 facilities open and operating; Milton Keynes, Oxford, Stafford, Bracknell and Guildford with a new facility planned to open in Northeast England in the autumn. Additionally, at least 4 new Cytech training centres are opening in the next few months and new Cytech licence partners are being sought in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

As a result of the increased capacity, Activate Cycle Academy (ACA) have been busy recruiting new members of staff and PJCS have moved into a more spacious workshop (in the same business centre).

To find your nearest Cytech training centre you can use the map here.