DANCE raises €15 million in Series A funding for e-Bike subscription

DANCE has closed a €15 million Series A funding round only three months after launching its pilot programme with the aim of highlighting its e-Bike subscription service globally. Additionally, the brand hopes to offer its service subscription package into expanded markets across Europe and the U.S.

The last few years in particular have seen city commuters and consumers alike look to greener and more reliable transport alternatives for all aspects of their daily lives with e-Bike usage.

Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, co-founder and CEO of DANCE said: “The goal of DANCE is to spark a global movement built on a connected community of passionate e-bike riders, ultimately making cities more bike-friendly and liveable”

“We’ve become inundated with positive responses from around the world since we announced our invite-only pilot program, and it’s become crystal clear just how much desire, demand and excitement there is for a service like DANCE across the world.”

“In densely populated cities and other urban areas, owning a car shouldn’t be an option especially since cleaner, greener and bike-friendly public infrastructure is increasingly expanding.”

“These areas are expensive and congested with commuter traffic. DANCE is a holistic solution built for the person interested in saving time, the environment and staying healthy.“ he added.

DANCE’s subscription model includes a fully assembled e-bike delivered to your door within 24 hours. As part of its all-inclusive services, maintenance and theft replacement insurance is included. Customers’ mobile devices can be used as digital bike dashboards through DANCE’s app which offers easily understood concierge services, GPS location tracking and unlocking capabilities.

Rainer Märkle, General Partner at HV Holtzbrinck Ventures said: “The mobility market is seeing a huge shift towards bikes, strongly fuelled by the paradigm shift of vehicles going electric. Unfortunately, the majority of e-bikes on the market today have some combination of poor design, high upfront costs and cumbersome maintenance”

“We analysed the overall mobility market, evaluated all means of transport, and crunched the numbers on all types of business models for a few years before we found what we were looking for. DANCE is by the far the most viable future of biking, bridging the gap between e-bike ownership and more joyful accessibility to go places.”

DANCE is currently operating the invite-only pilot of its e-bike subscription in Berlin, with plans for a broader launch, expanded accessibility & availability and new cities next year. For more information and to request an invite, please visit and follow on social media: FacebookTwitter and Instagram.