DeFeet weaves cycling sock from rare spider silk

Cycling performance socks and accessories label DeFeet has weaved a one of a kind pair of cycling socks from the silk of the Golden Orb Spider.

Valued at around $5,000, the garment is believed to be only the fourth item in history to have been woven from the Madagascan Spider’s silk. Needless to say, then, this one’s not likely to appear in the catalogue anytime soon.

The Golden Orb spider silk socks do however mark the kickoff to a new collaboration of sock designs between famous fashion designer Alexander Julian and DeFeet.

Gifted to the Quickstep pro cycling team during the Tour de France, the rare ‘trophy’ sock was passed over by founder Shane Cooper who explained why the firm undertook the lavish project.

“Because they’re incredible. The natural fiber is amazing and as far as we’re concerned, it had to be done. This has been a fascination, some call it an obsession, but implementing what we learn from nature into socks is our passion. It drives us.”

Only three other times in history have complete items been made from golden orb spider silk. Two of them were for the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, a golden bed linen that was stolen from the World’s Fair in 1900 and a pair of golden gloves. The third was a golden robe that is now on display at the Smithsonian.

The socks will now go on display at Quicksteps’s service course headquarters in Belgium, symbolizing over 20 years of partnership with DeFeet.

DeFeet is distributed in the UK by i-Ride.

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