CI.N Podcast: The A-Z of DASH Rides with Co-founder Jamie Milroy

The latest episode of the CyclingIndustry.News podcast has arrived, where we are joined by DASH Rides Co-founder Jamie Milroy.

DASH Rides is an exciting UK start-up with the aim of making e-Bikes affordable and accessible to everyone- all for less than the cost of a sandwich a day.

DASH Rides works with businesses across the UK through the Cycle to Work Scheme to ensure that businesses are provided with the tools they need to be encourage sustainable and active travel as well as making a transformative impact on employee health and wellbeing.

In this episode Milroy discusses the subscription e-Bike company’s founding, and how they are the first e-Bike subscription company to be compatible with the Cycle to Work scheme. Additionally, Milroy discusses the brands long term goal- for its riders to be paid to ride an e-Bike and how they are looking at ways to do make this happen in the future.

Furthermore, Milroy also shares details on the brands upcoming launch of its next phase of the Cycle to Work platform which he tells CI.N will be a significant step up in user experience.

DASH e-Bikes start at £20 a month for a bike with the retail value of slightly over £1,000. Like any Cycle to Work scheme, it has to go through an employer who will need to sign up to the platform and with just 30 clicks of a button, companies can have access to their very own dual branded Cycle to Work platform which can be offered to its employees. The employee is then able to access the platform, choose an e-Bike and have it delivered to their door ready for their daily commute.

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