DMR debuts first clipless pedal the V-Twin, lowers prices on classic platforms

Having spent years throwing the idea around, DMR has now launched its first clipless pedal with the new V-Twin.

With Shimano’s 25-year patent on a rotating centre having expired earlier this year, the design influence will be familiar to many and can be customised to the rider’s preferences with nylon stacker plates to ensure the rider’s foot sits plush to the platform. dmr

When the pedals land customers will have the choice of standard (480 grams), mag or titanium axled mag versions, all of which will roll on a pair of inboard and outboard sealed bearings.

With a guide price of £130, the alloy pedal is set to land with distributors pre-Christmas.

Elsewhere in the portfolio, the V8 has been reshaped and pitched as a more affordable V12, retailing at £36.99.

For those swearing by the classic V8 shape, this design is retained in a £27.99 unit.