Editor’s note: It’s time for the bicycle business to pull together

Here at CI.N we have somewhat of a bias, having only ever worked in the bicycle business, to say that our industry is and always has been a vibrant, warm and inviting community. It’s perhaps unusual for direct competitors to so often be good friends, but thanks to our common ground we have a significant and not to be underestimated advantage in our community.

Therefore CyclingIndustry.News, as a hub for industry, would like to reach out in to the community and ask for submissions from our readers of thoughts on how we can help each other through what is fast becoming an unprecedented crisis for the global industry and the people attached. That call to the community extends from the front line, right up to the CEOs of the market’s innovators who may wish to use our channel to offer reassurance on supply chain matters.

Over on our trade-locked Facebook page – Cycling Industry Chat – we have opened a dialogue among over 1,200 members to which we welcome constructive contributions from anyone who has an offer of assistance, an adaptation idea that might help balance trade or footfall, or for those who simply want to offer messages of support. (Note: to join you will receive an automated question asking your position in the trade. Once we have a response we can approve access)

In response to discussion among our team as to how CI.N can assist businesses during this tough time we have decided, just a month on from its publication, to reduce the price of our market report to all businesses by 37.5% on the original £800 price tag. We are also publishing advisory editorials on how to keep staff and customers away from risk as new information emerges.

The hope is that, armed with information on the direction of business among front line retail, businesses will be able to rebound out of the other side of this downturn better informed having had time to make adjustments based on our market forecasts. There is also strong indication within as to what practices will enable agile brands to form closer ties with frontline shops, which with the sad demise of multiples in our market, represent a market share that many are increasingly choosing to partner.

While it may be tempting to cut investment at this time, we do recommend making use of any down time likely to materialise. Back in our archives we have a range of articles and podcasts on topics ranging sales training through to understanding and effectively using retail finance, among other topics.

Our inboxes remain open for any bicycle business that requires urgent assistance, or for those that have a compelling offer of help for the wider trade, something which we will publish at our discretion based on the merits to those most in need. The team are contactable on:

Editor: Mark Sutton

Staff writer: Hayley Everett

Sales: Alfie Brown