Enfield MP demands £5.9m cycle funding is withdrawn

Conservative MP for Enfield David Burrowes has reportedly written to Boris Johnson asking that £5.9 in funding be withdrawn for the Cycle Enfield development.

“I am formally requesting on behalf of a clear majority of my constituents that you do not at this stage approve the next tranche of £5.9m capital funds, so that further engagement can take place with residents and businesses,” wrote Burrowes.

At a council meeting on February 10th, the MP is said to have made his feelings clear about what he felt would not be a positive impact on Enfield’s streets, should fresh cycling infrastructure go ahead.

Claiming to have conducted his own survey of 17,000 people, of which 2,828 replied, Burrowes said that 77.62% were opposed to Cycle Enfield plans.

“My primary involvement in Cycle Enfield has been to ensure that this significant investment is based upon significant engagement with my constituents, both residents and businesses, which leads to broad public approval and clear evidence of a positive economic and environmental impact.

“There is neither sufficient public approval nor is their evidence of positive impact upon the A105 high streets to provide the value for money of TfL’s investment. It is disappointing that the Council has now ignored and dismissed the basis of the original bid which was successful, which has community, stakeholder and cross party support.”

Neighbouring Waltham Forest recently had a court appeal against the installation of a “mini Holland” development overturned in favour of active travel.

You can have your say on public consultations as and when they appear here.

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