EV biz Star Union enters electric bike motor arena

Star Union, a 30 year manufacturer of components for light electric vehicles, has announced its entry into the electric bike drivetrain business.

Present within Eurobike’s e-Mobility halls, the debut Factor Drive product pairs an own-label display with a mid-motor capable of 250W of continuous output at 48 Volts. Integrated torque and cadence sensors manage the output to sense when the rider needs assistance.

“We are excited to launch the new Factor Drive-System, furthering our commitment to merge stunning design with high-performance technology and eco-friendly innovation.”

“The new Factor Drive-System is fully EU compliant and customisable for different applications across all E-Categories and markets. Further it offers options not found in existing Mid-Drive Systems currently in the Market”, said Star Union EU Sales Manager Carlos Feliu.

The system is laying claim to being quieter than existing products on the market, though the manufacturer hasn’t yet specified detail on this.

Based in Hangzhou, China, Star Union has 32 years experience in component manufacturing in the light electric vehicle industry. Current catalogue products include operational components for electric bikes, including throttles, e-Bike specific hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear lighting systems, HMI (display) systems, as well as other components.

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