Shift Up Podcast: Recapping on a changing Eurobike Show

We’re playing catch up on the Shift Up Podcast this week, so aside from placing today’s Eurobike Show episode live we’re also linking in a number of podcasts that haven’t been as well promoted as they normally may have been.

This week’s episode recaps on the trends present at Eurobike, talking over what generated noise on the show floor, attendance figures and the ongoing challenges facing the bicycle business.

Building on our earlier articles detailing the rise of e-Mobility, cargo and integration of tech, CI.N editor Mark Sutton offers on the podcast: “There was less emphasis this year on high-end carbon; there just wasn’t the usual noise around that at Eurobike this year. In the absence of many A-list labels, the show instead seems to be changing in nature with more noise around transport cycling, technology’s place in the bicycle and utility cycling. That’s no bad thing.”

The discussion moves through to the change of dates and the collective sigh of relief the bike industry seems to have breathed, as well as the ongoing anti-dumping turbulence between the EU and China.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on the changing international show picture. Discussion is rolling over on our trade-locked Facebook group, so pitch in your thoughts here.

To listen to more on that in this week’s episode hit play either below, or at the head of the homepage:

Alternatively, catch up on a few you may have missed below

Title: Amplify the Voices of Female Cyclists

Description: What is truly keeping women from biking more? Tiffany Lam wrote her masters dissertation at LSE Cities exactly on that. Listen in as we talk about Tiffany’s very unique background and why her research is so important to bridging the gender gap in cycling.

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Title: Building a Bike Shop on Your Own Terms

How do you build a bike shop without going in debt while testing and building for your community’s needs? This is exactly what Four Star Family Cyclery is doing and we talk with Elsbeth Cool about how hard difficult it has been to break out of the “debt framework” that the bike industry demands.