Facebook Messenger to offer enhanced in chat transactions for retailers

Facebook has just announced a plethora of changes to its Messenger platform with implications for retail via the social app.

Writing a blog post on the 2.1 update the social network announced:

  • Seamless payments flows: The Messenger Platform 2.1 makes payments easier to setup and more seamless for people to checkout. We’re launching a new SDK (software development kit) designed to make the Messenger webview payment process easier and more efficient for people. Now, customers can pay using a one step process through Messenger webview. Payments on Messenger is still in beta and available in the US only. See here to learn more.
  • Expanded set of Facebook Page buttons for Messenger: Facebook is launching five new Call to Action (CTA) buttons that businesses and developers can add to their Page to drive people to their Messenger experience. In addition to the currently available “Send Message” CTA, businesses and developers can select from the following options: Shop Now, Get Support, Get Updates, Play Now and Get Started. These descriptive CTA options let people know what to expect when they start a conversation with a business.

For full details of the changes, click here.