Transport minister opens DfT funded Brighton University e-bike scheme

Transport Minister Andrew Jones yesterday supported a new electric bike scheme at the University of Brighton, Eastbourne campus.

He said, “Electric bikes are a great way to encourage new people to get into cycling and I hope this interesting scheme encourages more people to take it up. Cycling helps cut congestion and is a healthy, affordable transport option.

“We want to double the number of journeys made by bicycle. That is why we are also investing over the next five years in cycle training and infrastructure.”

The scheme provides ten electric bikes to connect the hilly route between the University of Brighton campus and Eastbourne railway station for staff and students.

It is one of eleven projects selected by bike sharing organisation, Bikeplus, to find out how electric bikes can have an impact on congestion, air quality and active travel and funded by the Department of Transport.

Associate Professor Anne Mandy, Associate Professor at the Centre for Health Research, University of Brighton said: “The university’s Travel Plan shows that 43 per cent of staff and 21 per cent of students travel to university as single drivers in their cars. The strategy is to reduce single occupancy vehicle transport by 10 per cent for staff and seven per cent for students by 2016”.

MP Caroline Ansell said: “the power bikes could revolutionise cycling in Eastbourne “It’s good for the environment, good for finances, good for lifestyle – in every way, it’s a real winner.