Felt UK restructures and invests to line up with Rossignol strategy

Felt UK has announced an operational reshuffle in the UK, with Tony Rose now becoming the exclusive sales agency for the brand in the UK.

Having moved the business on mainland Europe into parent Rossignol’s Munich headquarters, Rose today told CI.N that, following the recent departure of Nathan Bellamy, he will now take charge of UK operations.

“It is a very exciting time to be part of the Felt family. Many changes in recent months, all positive and paving the way for Felt Bicycles to be stronger than ever, not just in the UK, but globally. When I started with Felt in 2016 there was quite a bit of work to do but I saw the potential in Felt, especially in the innovative and great product line up coming through then and even more so for 2018/19 boosted by the investment from Rossignol.”

Rose has recruited help in the form of Andy Nicholson who takes on the position of Head of Sales for the North.

Rose says “It’s great to have Andy on board. Andy is well known within the industry with previous roles at both 2Pure and more recently Magura. Andy brings both experience and key attributes with him that will help build and shape the Felt brand in the UK in the coming years, together we believe that we have the right set up for taking Felt to the next level”.

Newly appointed Lars Hjort will now step in as Director of European Sales & Operational Manager. Lars is an industry veteran that comes with a wealth of experience and has worked for some of the major players in the bicycle industry.

Hjort added: “Felt is strengthening. The partnership with the UK and the presence in the UK market is invaluable. We will increase stock levels and the finances to offer better support to our UK dealer network. We have also invested in a new ERP system, a new B2B system and a team of dedicated international staff with a huge knowledge and drive to be the best. It seems like a lot, it is, but it is already there. I would like to thank the UK dealer base for their support and a warm welcome to the Felt family moving forward.”

Felt Bicycles will now ship from a central European location with an inventory take scheduled for December 18th in order to ensure all data is correct for the start of 2018. While all this is happening the IT disconnects the servers at December 15th, in the evening to migrate data and orders. As a result, nothing will ship for eight working days between December 18th and January 2nd, 2018.

UK stockists are invited to contact Rose’s team via +44 (0)7944 323050, or by email.