Bike Park Wales locals DT Cycles to merge with EC Cycles

Two bike shops in the locality of Bike Park Wales have made the decision to merge, with a Merthyr Tydfil premises set to open shortly.

DT Bicycles of Nelson and EC Cycles (Merthyr) will open the merged business in January, trading as EC Cycles.

Owner of DT Dorian Thorne told CI.N: “Both myself and Lewis at EC Cycles were once business partners over 3 years ago when I sold the EC Cycles shop to concentrate on DT Bicycles. Fast forward to today and we have decided the merge as partners. This will bring road, electric, mountain, kid’s bikes, urban and commute under one roof. We hope to provide a quick turn around for repair and sales in our new facility.

“With the opportunity to locate next to the UK’s biggest off road motor centre we aim to provide a complementary cycle range that will go hand in hand, with a full range of all types of Bicycles.”

DT Bicycles will trade as normal until the Christmas with a firm opening date to go public here in the new year.