Final call to participate in CI.N’s annual IBD study, gain free goods and biz data

UK-Based independent bike shops have until Friday of this week to participate in CyclingIndustry.News’ annual Independent Retail Study.

This year’s survey is unashamedly comprehensive at 40 questions for shop and workshop outfits (five to ten minute completion time). Your input will help guide our editorial across a broad range of topics to be covered in more detail through 2020.

We’ll make it worth your while too; stores who participate will get a first look at the findings, presented in pdf form and emailed to those completing the anonymised study.

That’s not all, either. Our IBD study sponsors – Raleigh, Cambrian, Moustache Bikes and MET – have enabled us to offer a goody bag to participants containing:

CI.N Editor Mark Sutton said of the third annual market survey: “In a world that increasingly demands data, our annual analysis of the market is one of the most valuable pieces of work we do, not only to inform our own staff, but to give the market data-based indicators on everything from the order forecast for individual segments to where investment in the business will both proliferate and be withdrawn. If you have yet to participate, we would greatly appreciate your time next time the kettle goes on, just click here.”

The findings from our 2020 IBD study will gradually be trickled out in print throughout 2020’s Trade Journal, which is available to UK bike businesses free of charge by subscription here.

To view samples of our past research, dig around in the article archive here.