Raleigh to send goody bag to each CI.N Retail Study participant

Raleigh Bikes UK will commit to sending each participant completing CyclingIndustry.News’ annual Independent Retail Study a goody bag containing a wealth of free items.

Now in its third year, the Independent Retail Study is a barometer for the mood of the independent retail sector. The range of topics covered seeks to pin down average sale prices, where stock levels are invested and divested in, which brands are most successful with independent specialists and plenty more.

At 40 questions long, this year’s study is the deepest yet, so as an incentive to stick with it the Nottingham distributor has packaged up a bag containing:

  • XLC Multi Tool
  • XLC  Gear/Brake Cable
  • XLC Water Bottle
  • Proper Cleaner – Starter Pack
  • TF2

What’s more, those completing the survey in its entirety will receive the report free of charge early in 2020. With the data to hand businesses should be able to better forecast purchasing decisions based on market trends and averages.

To participate all that we ask is that you own or manage an independent bike shop in the UK and can commit ten minutes to help us paint a detailed picture of our retail channel. Once collected, data will be anonymised prior to republication and the availability to purchase by others in the bike business.

To get started, click here.

To purchase last year’s report at a discount, enquire here.