Find a bike fitter directory launches at

Fit Kit Systems has begun collating data to add to what the firm hopes will become a global bike fitting professional directory.

Found at, the service is open to both bike shops and standalone fitters, as well as medical professionals dabbling in fit. Both free and premium paid listing options are to be available.

John Higgins, CEO of Fit Kit Systems said: “The primary aim is to provide a central site for cyclists searching for a bike fitting service, where they can evaluate their options, chose an appropriate bike fitter and service, and leave reviews. Cyclists often have a limited perspective of what a “bike fit” is, who it’s for, and if it is of genuine benefit. The intention is to help educate cyclists about bike fitting and bike fitters, and have cyclists inform each other about their experiences with a bike fit.

“To achieve this I wanted to create a come one, come all marketing opportunity for bike fitters to tell their story and promote their services. However, in this consumer driven world it also needed to provide a feedback loop so that cyclists can leave a rating and review. As bike fitting is currently an unlicensed and unregulated service we collectively need to communicate clearly about what we do and raise the standard for our services and expertise.”

Fit Kit Systems is widely known in the industry as a supplier of sizing and fitting tooling, as well as educational material. The firm was also one of the first to come to market with a software product.

“I’d expect most fitters to set up a free listing – which is free marketing,” concludes John. “The premium plans will allow for stronger search filtering and ranking, increased promotion and traffic insights from Google Analytics.”

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