Flat Tire Defender announces Danny Hart & Madison Saracen sponsorship

Flat Tire Defender has announced it is a new official sponsor to Madison Saracen and double World Champion Danny Hart for the 2019 downhill mountain bike season.

The brand’s foam inserts for MTB tyres are favoured among a number of high profile bikers, including Aaron Gwin and Tracey Moseley. They have now officially added the ‘Redcar Rocket’ to the already impressive roster of supported athletes alongside teammates Matt Walker and Alex Marin.

Hart will now benefit from racing with the tyre insert that not only prevents mid-race flats but also helps to protect rims and wheels. Flat Tire Defender is made of high density foam material and provides an impact resistance ‘bump stop’ protection layer between the tyre sidewall and rim edge, which has proven to minimise sidewall cuts, pinch flats and rim damage.

Hart said: “I am really enjoying using the Flat Tyre Defender, I have only started using it this off season. I first tested it at Fort William and I loved it straight away, the thing I like the most about it is that it really deadens the track.

“Fort William was a great place for me to test it as it is one of the roughest tracks around. It allowed me to push in sections where I was a little nervous in the past. I don’t use this system for extra rim protection, however that is always a benefit!”

Flat Tire Defender products are available to book now on www.madisonb2b.co.uk or for more information speak to your local sales agent. They will also be available for consumers to purchase online at www.freewheel.co.uk.

Madison’s Freewheel.co.uk is opened up to all cycling retailers in the UK and Ireland, promising to offer independent bicycle shops an online presence and drive business to local shops through click and collect, or by receiving commission from home delivery sales. Find out more about Freewheel from Madison’s boss, Dominic Langan, here, or listen to Episode two of the CIN Podcast.

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