French citizens able to claim €200 subsidy on electric bike purchases until 2018

French citizens are now able to claim money back against electric bike purchases until January 31st, 2018.

A decree published on a Government website, as promised by the Minister of Environment Segolene Royal, outlines a €200 state subsidy for those buying into selected electrically powered vehicles.

Entitling citizens to one such purchase, the scheme is designed to bring about a spike in alternative transport use. At present, under 2% of the French population travel to work by bike, though this varies region-to-region.

Those electric bikes bought must be modernised, with Lead Acid battery clad bike purchases excluded. Buyers are also not permitted to further sell on purchases within a year of purchase.

Meanwhile in the Nordic region, Norwegian capital Oslo has gone one step further, allowing a €1,200 credit on electric cargo bike purchases.