Gazelle wins German Design Award for safest bike

Bicycle manufacturer Gazelle has won a prestigious German Design Award for its Ami C8 HMS e-Bike, with judges praising the bike’s low step height and comfortable seating position.

The e-Bike’s design choices make it easier for cyclists to get on and off the bike, which features a low, wide step and smaller wheel size than most other e-Bikes.

The Ami C8 HMS features an upright seating position and higher steering wheel placement for added comfort, typical of Gazelle bicycles. The motor is positioned low down and in the middle of the frame in order to improve stability and road holding.

When announcing the award, the jury said: “The striking slope of the handlebars has been executed superbly. The relatively low height of the bike also makes it easier to mount, a feature that is especially useful for people with age-related limited mobility.”

According to the jury, the Ami C8 HMS combines comfort and safety, with the e-Bike providing an ideal solution for people who are not overly confident when leaving the house.

Gazelle has previously estimated that it will soon produce more e-Bikes than pedal cycles.

Hayley Everett

Multimedia Reporter

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