GfK data shows record sales values for bikes in Dutch market

New data from market researchers GFK has placed the sales value of bicycles in the Dutch market at a record €976 million, thanks in part to a fast growing electric bike business.

After years of consecutive decline dating back to 2007 when the market sold 1.4 million units, the data for 2017 returned to growth at 3.2% above the prior year, rising to 957,000 units. Of those, almost one in three new bike sales was pedal assisted at 294,000.

Commissioned by Dutch transport association RAI and BOVAG, the data further illustrated the rate of growth for electric bikes, which are now selling 3.5 fold what they were in 2007, increasing 8.7% year-on-year in the market.

With speed pedelecs more widely accepted on mainland Europe, 4,572 units were sold over the prior year’s 3,576.

There is an element of cannibalisation when it comes to pedal cycle sales, with hybrid and city bike sales in decline. The bicycle for transport use is still by far the most popular in the market at 42% share, or 399,000 sales.

Having last year broken through the €1,000 milestone, this year the average sale for the market sat at €1,020.