GoCycle’s US-only entry level build beats Kickstarter

Debuted at Interbike, GoCycle’s new entry level GS has now slipped past its $250,000 Kickstarter goal with time to spare.

Offered at present for an early bird price of just $1,699, or a basic pledge of $1,999, the GS’s key difference over the G3 is mechanical shifting in place of electronic. It remains an attractive proposition for the commuter too, tipping the scales at 35lbs.

Other key features of the GS include patented quick-detach Pitstopwheels making fold down easy. The side mounted design makes it quick and easy to remove the wheels and make fixing a flat tire far simpler for the mechanic.

Also maintenance friendly, the multi-speed enclosed chain drive keeps all the oily parts away from clothes. Kickstarter backers are offered a range of colours Red, Electric Blue, Pink, Baby Blue and Stealth Black.

Having been flagged by the crowdfunding platform as a ‘project we love’, Richard Thorpe’s latest take on the GoCycle will eventually come in at $2,999, initially selling only in North America. Backers on Kickstarter would begin to receive their bikes by May.

The GS isn’t destined for Europe, we were told, instead signalling a global ambition with a spec better suited to an emerging North American market.

You can view GoCycle’s Kickstarter here.