Guy Martin’s Proper Cleaner looking for UK distributor

Following the introduction of Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin, the brand is looking for a UK distributor to work with.

Proper Cleaner is a UK-based bicycle and motorcycle cleaning company with a twist, spear-headed by celebrity bike enthusiast Guy Martin.

The cleaner is delivered to the customer as water soluble sachets that are dissolved in water to make up a 750ml bottle of cleaner. The method cuts down on plastic waste and takes up less storage space than traditional plastic bottles. Due to the cleaner’s powdered form, there is a reduced risk of spillage in transit.

The idea behind the brand, according to Martin, was: “70% of the world is covered in water, why ship it?”

Martin, lorry mechanic, motorcycle racer and current mountain bike enthusiast, demonstrates how the product works:

Due to the absence of plastic bottles, the product is environmentally friendly. Additionally, far larger quantities of stock can be transported in a relatively small place, in comparison to plastic bottles. You can find out more about Proper Cleaner’s environmental impact here.

The Proper Cleaner General Cleaner Starter Pack, which makes 1.5l of cleaner, retails at £6.50. The pack includes: bottle, spray head and pouch with 2 capsules of cleaner.

The Proper Cleaner General Cleaner Refill Pack is priced at £5, and contains two capsules of cleaner.

To enquire about becoming a distributor for Proper Cleaner, click here.

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