Oi! Knog bringing ‘levitating’ titanium bike bell to market

Popular Australian parts and accessories label Knog looks set to release a ‘levitating’ titanium bike bell dubbed the Oi! to market shortly.

No, it’s not April 1st. A Knog insider told CyclingIndustry.News: “We are days away from launching a revolutionary new bike bell, our high end model being titanium. It is not a dome bell, but “O” shaped, and seemingly levitates round the bar. I’m not the designer so I can boast…it’s VERY cool.”

The firm appears to have quietly crowdfunded some early production on Thunderclap.

Knog’s funding page says: “Coming in 5 styles; aluminium, brass, copper, black chrome and top of the range “treat yourself” titanium, the Oi has been tailored to the individual rider’s personality and the bike they ride.”

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