Halfords joins competitors in offering vouchers for trade-in Carrera bikes

Halfords has announced the launch of a ‘pre-loved’ resale trial that will begin in four of the chain’s Welsh branches and could latterly be rolled out nationwide, if proven useful to both the business and its customers.

Mirroring an earlier ‘circular economy’ drive by competitor Decathlon, the scheme will encourage customers to trade in ‘pre-loved’ bikes for gift cards at its stores. Bikes will then be serviced and resold with a discount. What’s more, the affordable resale bikes will come with a Halfords’ 12-month warranty attached.

There is a catch; bikes returned must be Carrera branded, which is Halfords’ own house label. The scheme only applies to adult and kid’s Carrera bikes. It excludes all electric bikes and the following models; Fury, Transit, Crossfire LTD, Crixus, Gryphon, Titan and Subway A/W.

Sarah Fillipardos, Head of Cycling at Halfords, commented on the new scheme: “We are thrilled to be launching our ‘Pre-Loved’ bike scheme, offering clear benefits to both bike owners, who are offered an easy and sustainable way to rid themselves of their old bikes, and of course customers who will now have access to  a new Carrera bike at a more affordable price. The scheme is also a way for us to stimulate more sustainable treatment of bikes and make sure that more bikes are used to their maximum before being discarded.”

To contribute to the ‘Pre-Loved’ scheme, customers must simply take their second-hand Carrera to one of the stores in the trial, where it will be inspected by a team of Halfords mechanics and, if accepted, the customer will then receive a gift card, the value of which will be determine based on the condition of the bike.

Even if a bike is deemed to not be re-sellable, the customer will get a £20 gift card for ensuring parts will be recycled through Halfords, rather than taking the bike to landfill.

The new Pre-Loved scheme will launch today at Halfords stores in Cwmbran, Carmarthen, Llanelli and Merthyr Tydfil.