Hope responds to customer requests for Microspline

Following repeated enquiries from customers, Hope has responded to interest in a Microspline compatible freehub from the brand.

Hope said Shimano has not granted it a licence to produce a Microspline-compatible freehub and had understood that it would not be granted to any aftermarket hub manufacturers. However, since learning some manufacturers have been granted a licence, Hope has been lobbying Shimano to be able to produce one.

Here’s Hope’s statement:

“What’s happening with Microspine?

We have been talking with Shimano ever since the new standard was announced. They stated that they would only offer it to OEM hub manufacturers and the hubs must be branded with the bike manufacturers name. They also said they would not release the licence to aftermarket hub manufacturers.

Looking at the wheels and hubs listed around the XT and SLX launch it seems that they are stating different rules to each manufacturer which is disappointing for us and our loyal customers.

We’ll continue to lobby Shimano for the licence and keep you informed of any developments.”