INMO B2C software pays out for Chapeau! partners

A new-to-market platform developed by Velobrands boss Will Miles has just paid out its first round of commission to partners of the Chapeau! brand, with which it is launching ahead of wider industry rollout.

Speaking to CI.N back in February, Miles outlined how he foresees the INMO platform changing the retailer to supplier interaction at a time when relations are increasingly strained by omni-channel’s development.

The software’s progress with Chapeau has seen retailers able to login to the INMO portal at any time and see the latest sales into there area from the partner brand’s direct channel and what these sales have earned them in commission. It can also highlight whether the items selling locally direct are in line with the items stocked in store, or whether opportunities are being missed in store.

Running from the end of September through to the end of February, the trial generated 21 retailers a shared commission pot of £1,800. Amounts paid per retailer varied between £5 and £250.

Miles said: “Whilst clearly the numbers are not massive at this stage, the comforting aspect for retailers is that they know that whatever sales are made on the Chapeau! brand into there defined and agreed post code “area of influence” around there physical store, they will be getting a slice of that sale, whether they influenced it or not. For Chapeau!, to trade this way is a declaration of the value they see ongoing in physical stores and a way of acknowledging the part retailers can and do play in the growth of brands by being a physical touch, service and discovery point.”

Any brands interested in learning more about how they can use the INMO software should email Miles here.