Ireland’s High Nelly training centre opens up mechanic’s accreditation to international pupils

A family-run and accredited training centre in Co. Limerick, Ireland has created an international package to give mechanics across the UK and beyond another option to get certified.

A pioneer in the field of training in Ireland, High Nelly’s Marty Mannering has a long history in the bicycle business, laying claim to having run the only Irish bicycle manufacturing house for 42 years, as well as having founded the Irish Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association. Today Mannering sits on a Government panel campaigning for recognition of bicycle mechanics’ skills as a professional occupation.

Deciding to enter the training arena four years ago, High Nelly’s training centre seeks to address a staggering statistics in Ireland that has come about simply because of poor accessibility to training in Ireland – as of two years ago, just 5% of working mechanics in Ireland had a recognised qualification.

“This is a shocking figure, but when you consider the options were very expensive to gain accreditation because of the overseas necessity it’s not so surprising,” said Mannering.

Housed in a converted pub, Mannering’s City and Guilds accredited courses are run in ex-function rooms that have been converted to workshop space.

“We have won an award already internationally and have an incredible training centre funded by our own family savings. In the words of the City & Guilds accreditation office & Cytech representatives that have been here, it’s second to none across Europe,” said Mannering.

To enquire about training at High Nelly, head here.