Kross Bikes adds carbon production facility in Poland, plans export growth

Kross has been awarded a European fund to open a carbon production facility at its European headquarters north of Warsaw, Poland.

The budget was awarded to the Polish manufacturer by the European Union Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 for the Polish Masovian district. The company’s goal is to conduct extensive industrial research to create its own production technology. This would allow for unique, individual features and composite frameworks.

Currently, Kross bikes has a factory comprising of three production lines, one of which is dedicated to individually produced “PRO” bikes – including those used by the Kross Racing Team.

The firm already commands around 21 to 24% of its domestic market, while exports remain a fraction of turnover. This expansion may change that, with the facility aiming to give the Polish label “the edge” over many of its continental competitors, as well as develop sales in Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Before assembly, each frame is painted in the adjacent paint shop. Having full control over production allows the manufacturer to maintain a stable quality control and quickly adjust production schedules. After implementing SAP just last month, the company is now 100% integrated

While the first stages of the project are said to be a “pilot program” for developing efficient and high quality carbon bicycle frames, the goal is to become a main producer of in Europe. Now underway, the build will see frame testing begin as soon as November.