Electric bike ride spanning New York to Las Vegas costs under $5 in electricity

A soon-to-finish electric bike ride across america is on course to cost less than $5 in electricity cost to complete.

Dubbed #RideToCES, the Las Vegas consumer electronics exhibition, which started today, is the destination for Trans-America cyclist Max Lippe who is undertaking the 2,826 mile ride.

Averaging 16 mph, Lippe will aim to complete the ride in 10 days, arriving tomorrow aboard a bike clad with a retrofit conversion system from Electron. The system has a 50 mile range, so has been recharged frequently during the epic ride, yet has only racked up costs equivalent to a beginner’s bet on the Vegas strip. A support van has enabled quick wheel changes to ensure no time lost.

Connected to a mobile carried by Lippe, the Electron is paired with Google Assistant which is tracking every detail of the ride in real time.

At the time of writing, Lippe has averaged 16 mph, climbed 124,626 feet, averaged 280 miles per day and spanned 11 states.