LEVA-EU to hold information meetings on EU battery proposal

LEVA-EU has announced that it will be holding two information meetings this week to discuss the Commission’s proposal to the European Parliament and Council for new battery legislation and the issues it believes it will present to the Light Electric Vehicle (LEV)-sector.

LEVA-EU was previously invited by the European Commission to present a solution to what it deems to be “discrimination” against EU-based bike assemblers.

The Commission’s definition of light means of transport is such that it would only categorise batteries in certain electric cycles as portable batteries subject to reasonable requirements. All other batteries such as those used in e-Scooters and other electric vehicles in the L-category would be categorised as electric vehicle batteries.

LEVA-EU claims that it is impossible for LEV-battery producers to comply with electric vehicle battery regulations. It is also very debatable whether these requirements are necessary and adequate for LEV-batteries.

LEVA-EU has found the Commission prepared to reconsider this proposal for batteries for light means of transport. Unfortunately, the proposal is already with the European Parliament and Council. The group therefore needs the support of LEV-companies in its campaign for a battery proposal that will not destroy any LEV-companies.

To inform LEV-companies on this matter, the group is organising two online information meetings:

1) on the proposal in relation to e-scooters, self-balancing vehicles, electric (cargo)cycles, speed pedelecs, …

2) on the proposal in relation to all electric vehicles from L3 and upwards, i.e. electric mopeds, electric motorcycles, electric 3 and 4-wheel vehicles

LEVA-EU will explain the proposal, the effects of the proposal on businesses, the legislative procedure for the proposal, the association’s plan to change the proposal for the benefit of LEV-businesses and how to help LEVA-EU in this campaign.

The first meeting takes place on Thursday 22 April from 10.00 till 11.15, the second meeting from 11.30 till 12.45.

Participants must register in advance on: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/148615277295

LEVA-EU members participate for free, non-LEVA-EU-members pay € 100 per company.