Leyzne goes OEM with e-Bike lighting system products

Lezyne has announced that it will deliver an OEM product for electric bike makers throughout the world.

“It was a natural progression for us to enter the e-bike light category based on all our current technology and experience with LED and of course our GPS units,” said Kyle Casteel, Lezyne’s Global Product Manager. “You’ll find the same engineered performance and attention to detail as with all our products.”

The firm’s front and rear e-bike lights feature the same advanced programming and premium materials as its standard LED lights and claim to be the brightest available for given lumens, making them a good choice for the sometimes higher speeds of all e-bikes at any time of day or night.

Lezyne e-bike lights will offer a variety of mounting options along with an e-bike battery compatible power input.

All e-bike lights are to be designed and produced in-house, as well as tested for quality before leaving the factory.