London Cycling Campaign launches lorry safety website for drivers & cyclists

The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) has launched a new website in the hope of reducing road danger and helping both drivers and cyclists avoid collisions.

The ‘Lorry Safety Website’ has been developed by the LCC in conjunction with collision avoidance technology specialist, Mobileye, and safety contractor, McGee. It features a selected range of videos, tips on reducing road danger, the latest on safer lorry design and tailored training for drivers and cyclists.

LCC CEO Dr Ashok Sinha said: “LCC is fully committed to reducing road danger on our roads and the new lorry safety site helps drivers, lorry operators, bike riders and pedestrians understand the dangers of large vehicles and the strategies and technologies that can be used to reduce those dangers.”

The website also addresses guidance on a cyclists’ best strategy when close to a lorry, and explains why, for example, a cyclist might ride in the centre of a traffic lane when approaching a side street, and so on.

A range of technologies which are being installed and purchased by responsible HGV operators are also discussed. The emphasis around lorry safety is due to the bleak statistic that despite only accounting for 4% of the miles driven in London, lorries are involved in around half of cyclist deaths and 20% pedestrian deaths as a result of serious fatal collisions in the capital.

“Mobileye is committed to harnessing the best computer vision and artificial intelligence technology to keep drivers and vulnerable road users alike as safe as possible on the roads,” said Gil Ayalon, Director of EMEA at Mobileye. “This has been our mission from day one, and we are pleased to be partnering with LCC on this important campaign.”

LCC will continue to update the new site with links and information about the latest in road danger reduction.

John McGee, McGee director, added: “As a fleet operator, we are pleased to support the London Cycling Campaign’s new website as part of our ongoing commitment to reducing road danger. To support the latest in road danger reduction, the website is filled with useful videos, detailed guidance and specific information targeted for riders and drivers.

“We are delighted to be a part of this important project and will continue to support LCC in the website’s ongoing development.”

Last month the LCC called on the Mayor of London to take more urgent action on reducing road danger for those walking and cycling at dangerous junctions in the capital. Sadiq Khan launched his ‘first of a kind’ lorry safety scheme shortly after, the Direct Vision Standard, in a bid to minimise HGV blind spots and reduce the risk of collisions with cyclists and pedestrians.

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