Magura says ‘thank you’ to Stefan Schlie for 30 year partnership

MAGURA has been working with Stefan Schlie for more than three decades now. This long-standing cooperation not only pushed the envelope of bicycle technology, it also produced technological developments – from the first hydraulic HS rim brake to ABS for eBikes and S-Pedelecs.

Stefan Schlie achieved many great successes as a top-class rider on MAGURA: World Championship runner-up, Team World Champion and German Trial Champion were among the trophies he won on several occasions. After his active competition career had ended, he continued to work with MAGURA as a brand ambassador at events and shows – and he played a major role in the development of the first MT generation and ongoing product enhancements.

Besides being involved in competitive sports and riding technique training, the cooperation also aims to develop new e-mobility concepts that are suitable for road traffic. Stefan Schlie’s wealth of experience influenced the design of the Bosch eBike ABS, which was developed in cooperation with MAGURA. With the CMe MAGURA say they have developed a braking system which is perfectly suited to the technical requirements.

“The current eBike trend is bringing more and more people back to cycling. Especially in this group, the new Bosch eBike ABS can effectively minimise rollovers and the slipping of the front wheel, which cause many accidents”, says Schlie.

During the development process, MAGURA commissioned him to help determine the best possible ABS braking performance. As an important member of the test staff of his partners MAGURA and Bosch eBike Systems, he defined the “Riders Best” optimal benchmarks for the ABS brake system during field simulations. The goal was safe braking from a professional rider’s point of view.

MAGURA adapted the braking system of the Bosch eBike ABS to specifically match the requirements of the new technology. The axial design of MAGURA´s new CMe brake is low-maintenance and saves space in the cockpit – and the MAGURA 4-piston brake calliper ensures a high level of braking force.

Besides pursuing new levels of safety, the partnership continues to focus on maximum riding enjoyment and the associated challenges. E-MTBs bring a smile to riders’ faces, but they also place new demands on the components. The higher total weight requires stable brakes that offer a high degree of downhill control. The new brake offers “ample braking power and finely-tuned modulation”.

In his #uphillflow riding technique courses, Stefan Schlie surprises many participants when he tells them that the right braking technique is not only important for downhill riding:

”Braking uphill may sound strange, but it makes sense. In high support levels, even the best motor is difficult to modulate. Gentle braking helps to minimise traction losses and master even steep stretches.”

The MAGURA MT series brakes are ideally suited to this “brake traction control” technology thanks to their precise modulation. “Gentle abrasive braking also helps to ‘calm’ the motor when juddering occurs, so it retains its usual level of efficiency. It’s difficult to tame a powerful motor just by pedalling. We call this second braking technology
“Brake Move Control,” he says.

Even inexperienced riders can stop safely thanks to the eBike ABS. ABS shortens braking distances
tremendously, effectively preventing accidents, especially during uncontrolled shock braking.“ STEFAN SCHLIE

MAGURA and Stefan Schlie say they will continue to push the envelope, driving technology trends forwards into the future. For MAGURA, long-term cooperation is an essential component of the company’s forward looking orientation and their message to Stefan: Thank you for one of the longest partnerships at MAGURA.