Italy’s Institute of Biomechanics & Movement Science lines up foot and cycle shoe session

Italy’s Institute of Biomechanics & Movement Science (IBMS) is holding an educational meeting covering the foot, cycling shoe and the plantar (fibrous tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes) on 3 December 2018.

Held at the Hotel Vista Mare, Cesenatico, Italy, the one-day meeting will specifically cover the common methods of evaluation the foot, recognising behaviour during pedalling and adopting the best strategies to optimise comfort and performance.

“The study of the pedaling foot represents an important moment of the biomechanical evaluation. The choice of footwear and any foot support aid are a crucial component for a good result.”


  • Podometric analysis tools
  • Overview of the main pathologies of the foot that can affect pedaling
  • How to choose footwear
  • How to protect the foot with an aid suitable for cycling

Next year, the IBMS is running an intro to bike fitting in February and a postural evaluation meeting in March.

There are more details on the IBMS site.

The latest magazine edition of (Issue 006, 2018) includes an in-depth look at stance width from Damon Wyatt of