Mango Bikes to donate ten free bikes to nominated health workers

Mango Bikes has launched a nominations process that will see ten bikes delivered to health and care workers most in need of help with transport during the present COVID-19 outbreak.

Mango Bikes’ UK Managing Director Andrew Hassard this morning responded to a discussion on CI.N’s trade-locked Facebook group – Cycling Industry Chat – on which we highlighted how one Stevenage-based doctor had had his bike stolen.

“We (Mango Bikes) are giving away ten bikes to NHS nurses, care and other health workers. But one more is not a major issue, get them to contact us and we’ll get a new bike out,” wrote Hassard.

Through its website, Mango now has a nominations form live that will taken submissions up to Thursday 26th, March at 5pm.

Speaking to CI.N this morning, Hassard added: “Mango Bikes always wanted it to be a giving brand when we took over and if we can’t do good now we never will. Bikes are great and we can be even greater now. We are also offer free bike servicing at our local headquarters, all managed to ensure everyone remains protected.”

The firm offers: “It’s a crazy, unprecedented and strange time for us all.  For society, for business and for individuals. Bikes have solved various societal problems, and many issues have been resolved while riding a bike.

“Where it’s cables to replace, brake pads to change or other small things, we’ll absorb the cost. If it’s a bigger job or needs parts, we’ll make sure to talk to you before doing anything and prices will be rock bottom. Labour costs will be precisely £0.

“We’ll need to manage and control this to make sure our staff and customers remain as protected as possible. NHS staff, care workers, those using their bike to help deliver essentials to neighbours and relatives and those commuting to work will get priority.  But we’ll get everyone cycling who needs our help.”

Mango Bikes is based at the Doagh Business Park in Kilbride, Ballyclare.

Mango is not alone in its bid to help the medical world. This morning we also reported on Bergamo cycle clothing manufacturer Santini’s production switch to produce an estimated 10,000 face masks a day.

A word from a former bike industry staffer now in the healthcare force:

Former bike industry Lake Shoes representative Martin Pounder, who now works within the NHS, added to this story: “I work on a station with 130 of us all working more hours than any human should, not just dealing with Covid-19, but all the usual stresses of cardiac arrests, RTC’s, falls, and way to many mental health cases!

“If I had a request, it would be people turning up with sealed jars of coffee, tea and sealed food. Nothing unsealed as it has been known for people to add certain things to food taking crews off the road.”

Martin adds that major supermarkets are helping to a degree, but that the coordination nationally differs.

“There is currently the #hittheambulance hashtag which is similar to #awesomemovement encouraging people to reach out and support all the services. It’s not just team green, but team blue and red all working and turning up every day to provide that cover,” adds Pounder.

Those wishing to donate food to NHS staff are advised to do so only if they are showing no symptoms and can do so with sanitation guidelines firmly in mind.