Bergamo’s Santini turns production to 10,000 masks a day

Performance cycle clothing manufacturer Santini of Bergamo has turned it’s manufacturing attention to the production of surgical masks to assist those fighting the spread of Coronavirus.

Bergamo fast became one of Italy’s epicentres for the Covid-19 virus, which is causing a drastic slowdown in trade globally; though some bike shops are reporting a bounce in transport and repair business.

Speaking to local new outlet BergamoNews.It, Santini marketing manager Paola Santini explained that the business has always been an innovator and that now it is time to show exactly its in its design and production capability.

“We have made the prototype, now we are waiting for the go-ahead from the Politecnico di Milano which is testing it and from Monday 23rd of March we could put our mask into work. We have already tested the machinery and we are ready to produce ten thousand masks per day. We receive many requests, but the priority will be addressed to Bergamo and its province, because we touch the difficulties of our hospitals and how much they still work in companies with their own hands.”

Santini’s prototype is produced alongside another local company, Sitip, which is a supplier of waterproof and breathable fabrics.

The business has, like countless others, adapted fast to move all staff able to work remotely to home-based working. A local own-brand store is closed until April 4th.

In the UK, Santini is a brand of the ZyroFisher Stable.