MDI Ltd takes on exclusive Sportique distribution

Mike Dixon Imports has now taken on the exclusive cycle trade distribution of the Sportique body and skin care portfolio.

Sportique has a deep portfolio of pre, during and post exercise body care solutions, as well as a more general ‘Wellness’ catalogue.

One of the most popular lines among cyclists is the Century Riding Chamois Cream, a solution that soothes and prevents chafing before irritation develops. Used by the US Seals and British SAS, the non-staining and gentle blend of botanicals helps your skin heal itself by reducing continuous damage.

Other lines include joint and muscle gels that allow athletes to quickly regain freedom of movement by reducing aches and swelling, as well as lines like the Road Rash disinfectant, a useful product to carry in the saddlebag, just in case.

For stockists interested in the product, the MDI sales team are reached on 01253 343090, or by email here.