milKit follows up tubeless valve and booster with tyre sealant launch

Swiss innovator Sports Components Ltd has launched an environmentally friendly new sealant that does not have to be shaken before use.

The new sealant performs contains no ammonia or other aggressive ingredients, is anti-allergenic and does not corrode rims and tyres.

It’s the latest launch from milKit (which has been distributed by Madison since 2017) having previously launched the milKit valve system and super-light, portable tubeless booster.

One of the main advantages of milKit’s new sealant is that it always remains a homogeneous liquid, so the bottle doesn’t have to be shaken before use. Additionally, the microfibers (which play an important role in sealing large holes) are ever-present in the liquid and do not remain at the bottom of the bottle or tyre. This means that the sealant has a significantly improved performance and fixes slits in the tyre up to 6 mm in length. In the tyre, the sealant does not decompose into rubber particles (rubber balls) and an aqueous residue but it dries evenly and slowly to remain functional longer than comparable products.

The sealing effect of the microfibers works very well at high pressure, making the sealant ideal for use in road and gravel tubeless tyres.

In order to guarantee that the inside of the tyre is covered with sealant – even on the sidewalls – the milKit sealant sticks better to the tyre wall than thin latex products, according to the brand. It can also be used in combination with CO2 cartridges and can be easily diluted with water and washed off if necessary. With an application range for temperatures between -20 to +50° C / -4 to 122° F, the milKit sealant is well prepared for extreme conditions.

“We have known for quite some time that we are on the right track with our sealant, as we know the weaknesses of previous products from our own experience,” said Pius Kobler, co-founder of Sport Components Ltd. “Now we are very pleased that we are starting out with our own sealant and we will be able to simplify the lives of our (tubeless) customers even further. Tubeless made easy!”

milKit’s new sealant has already been ridden and tested by several pro MTB teams and is now available to consumers on the market in four different practical bottle sizes.

The advantages of the new milKit sealant include:

  • Synthetic latex: No ammonia, no horrible smell, no damage to rims and tires. Non-allergenic, non-hazardous.
  • Stays in solution – no need to shake it up
  • Dries evenly, no rubbery lumps to remove
  • Lasts longer that other sealants
  • Covers tire and side wall better than other sealants
  • Fixes slits and holes up to 6 mm length
  • CO2 compatible
  • Works from -20 to +50° C / -4 to 122° F
  • Aramid microfiber technology: Stronger puncture sealing capability – even at high pressures (road tubeless)

The milKit sealant is available in the following bottle sizes:

  • milKit sealant 250ml / 8 oz @ £13.99
  • milKit sealant 500ml / 17 oz @ £19.99
  • milKit sealant 1000ml / 34 oz @ £29.99

milKit product family

  • milKit compact, valve and syringe system – in four valve length options (new also 45mm): from £44.99
  • milKit valve pack, replacement valves in four valve lengths: from £19.99
  • milKit tubeless booster 0.6L / 20 oz and 1.0L / 34 oz: from £39.99