Moustache lifts lid on MY21, extends shelf life of e-Bikes

Moustache presented its 2021 model year on Monday, taking to a virtual walk through in place of the usual physical gathering at the factory.

Founders Greg Sand and Emmanuel Antonot spoke from the production floor, first of all detailing the how the French label has overcome challenges this year, in particular those posed by a global shutdown across the supply chain. Certain lines are slowed marginally due to supply issues further down the chain, said the pair, but for the most part there is now shortage in supply from motor makers and other key suppliers.

The pair went on to detail investment made to overcome the rush on the firm’s products, most notably in staff, but likewise in wheelbuilding and logistics. On the latter note, the firm alluded to a longer shelf life between 2021 and 2022’s product, a full 18 months of time to sell through before the next range debuts.

The presentation began with the re-introduction of the firm’s only non-electric bike, the Mecredi Douze children’s balance bike.

“This leads to the discovery of the brand for many parents,” said Moustache. “Footrests added on now help the kids to learn to corner on board, while the hydrofromed alloy frame utilises the same aluminium as high-end bikes.”

The Mecredi Douze model carries 12” wheels and soft road tape clad bars. The balance line will suit approximately a 20 month old to a four year old and is one size fits all. Five new colours feature: red, turquoise, grey, yellow, pink and beige.

moustache lundiIntroducing the adult bikes, Moustache set out by revealing the Lundi would become a 27.5″ wheel only, with changes made to the mainstay of the range that eliminated the need for a 26″ build as the brand has had for the past nine years.

On the spec sheet the greatest change is the integration with Bosch’s Powertube battery now stashed in the downtube, which retains the three cavity design that has promoted rigidity. For 2021, a Shimano Deore ten-speed and Enviolo iteration will form the basis for each model, with Bosch’s Intuvia display showing the rider everything from range to battery and GPS. Customers will have find both Bosch’s Active Plus and Performance Line motors on the available builds, depending on price. Built in to the frame is a Lundi-specific LED headlight, while lower on the fork the rider has the option to mount a front rack.

“We keep the Lundi DNA in this bike, carrying forward the distinct headtube design but integrating the new light. Likewise we keep the signature handlebar which sweeps back to promote a straight back in the saddle. The ride feel is improved by a change in the angle of fork offset. The geometry is adapted to a 27.5” wheel, while an Integrated battery makes for better weight distribution down low,” said Moustache.

The models, available in five colours, are as follows:

27.1 – Active Line Plus motor, Powertube 400, Deore 10 (11-36t). €2,799, due October.
27.3 – Powertube 500wh, Performance line system, €3,199.
27.5 – Powertube 500wh, Performance Line, Enviolo TR with new throttle, €3,699.

Urban Sport Family

Moustache fridayFor those wishing to cover ground a bit faster, the Urban Sport category where the Friday model features is centred around the road-going Dimanche frameset, the lightest Moustache make. Pair this with a carbon fork specifically bolstered for e-Bike and integrated components and the package has become very attractive.

Paired to Bosch’s Smartphone Hub app and powered by both Active Line Plus and Performance Line motors, the range is largely unchanged, but has subtle details worth noting. One of these was a new 90-degree turn stem system that utilises a hinge system, thus allowing apartment owners to free up space in the hallways in seconds.

The Friday range is as follows:

Friday 28.3 Powerpack 400, Purion, Active plus Motor €3,399
Friday 28.5 PowerPack 500Wh, Smartphone hub display
Friday 28.7 Drop bar iteration €4,399 Powerpack 500WH, Performance Line.

Available to order now and some stock due October.

This was followed by the roll out of the firm’s speed pedelec, for which it rolled a demo video showing a licence plate clad bike zipping through the streets.

“It’s the ultimate mobility solution,” says Moustache. “As soon as you are more than 20k from your work this bike will help you to get to work faster.”

In selling this €5,799 model, the brand will ship with the bike a checklist that confirms between dealer and customer the responsibilities and local legal requirements alongside the sale. The build is centered on a Bosch Performance Speed motor, Powertube 625Wh battery and Kiox display.

Moustache Bikes are carried by 2pure in the UK.