Muc-Off to launch full tubeless support range

After the launch of its sealant and valves product lines last year, Muc-Off has announced it will soon offer a full tubeless support range.

The range will enable cyclists from all disciplines to prepare, inflate and maintain their tubeless set up with its new puncture-free setup, P.I.M.

Step 1: Prepare

Glue and Sealant Remover: This non-aggressive proprietary formula helps remove rim tape glue, sealant or tubular glue residue from inside rims, prior to applying Muc-Off’s Tubeless Rim Tape. It retails at £7.99/€9.95 and is not available in the US.

Tubeless Rim Tape: Made from the brand’s own performance material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive to provide stretch and maintain durability and length to create a lasting airtight seal. Supplied with four seal patches, the tape is semi-transparent so locating the valve hole is easy.

It is available in a 10m and 50m workshop roll in six widths, retailing at £14.99, from $11.99, €17.95.

Ultimate Tubeless setup kit: Each Kit contains a Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape, Seal Patches, 2 CNC-machined black tubeless Valves and 2 pouches of No Puncture Hassle Tubeless Sealant. There are five kits available for: Road/gravel/CX with shallow rims, with deep rims, XC, DH/Enduro and DH Wide.

Step 2: Inflate

CO2 Inflator Kits:

Muc-Off’s Inflator Kits come in 25g cartridge size for MTB and 16g for road inflating tires up to 30psi and 100psi from flat respectively. Each kit contains 2x cartridges, 1x compact and durable CNC-machined inflator head with soft-touch press down button which easily controls CO2 release. Dual head nozzle compatible with Presta and Schrader valves and 1x neoprene sleeve to help avoid freeze burn. Cartridges are also available separately.

Road Inflator Kit RRP: £24.99, $17.99, €27.95
MTB Inflator Kit RRP: £28.99, $20.99, €29.95
Road Cartridge: £2.99, $3.20, €3.95
MTB Cartridge: £4.99, $6.00, €5.95

Step 3: Maintain

B.A.M (Bottled Air Magic): inflates and repairs punctures at the same time by injecting latex foam and air into a tyre or tube. It can be strapped to a bike frame using the new B.A.M Utility Belt or carried in a ride pack. It is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves on road, cx/gravel and MTB wheels as well as most tubeless sealants, and will inflate a 29” MTB tyre in under a minute and capable of sealing holes 3-4mm.

B.A.M! RRP: £14.99, €17.95
B.A.M! Utility Belt RRP: £4.99, €5.95

Puncture Plug Repair Kit: The tough and durable handle and 2-in-1 puncture plug/reamer tool comes with 5x thick plugs and 5x thin plugs packed all packed together in a handy storage pouch. Compatible with all tubeless road, MTB and gravel tyres. Refill packs with 10 repair plugs (5x thin and 5x thick) available separately.

Puncture Plug Repair Kit RRP: £12.99, $14.99, €14.95
Puncture Plug Refill RRP: £4.99, $5.99, €5.95

Essentials Case: Already available to purchase, the essentials case’s tough outer camo fabric offers the protection needed for your essential cycling accessories with a heavy-duty rubber-encased rope zip pull for quick and easy access on the bike. Internally, the case features a soft divider to keep cards separate from a smartphone or tube separate from multi-tools, gas cylinder and tyre levers.

The Essentials Case also has a zipped pocket for smaller valuables like keys and coins. Big enough to fit larger phones while still fitting comfortably in a pocket. RRP £15.00, $20.00, €17.95

Muc-Off CEO, Alex Trimnell, said: “The tubeless revolution has well and truly arrived, and we’re stoked to be at the forefront, creating user-friendly solutions to help all types of cyclists make the switch or maintain their tubeless set up.”

Muc-Off retailers will have the opportunity to set up a tubeless support centre POS display stand to help the consumer ‘walk through’ the range with an easily navigable system.

The full range and P.I.M stand was on display at Eurobike last week.

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