Netherlands further builds on cycling’s modal share, hitting 51% in Utrecht

Already world-leading in cycling for transport, new figures from the Netherlands show that modal share is now topping 50% of journeys in some regions.

Utrecht leads the way, with 51% of journeys made by bike, according data from the Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy. Amsterdam closely follows with 48% of trips cycled, which ties in well with the popular tourist destination’s plans to add floating cycle parking to cope with parking capacity problems.

Amsterdam also boasts hosting more than double the number of trips cycled than those driven by private car. In June, research demonstrated that for trips shy of 7.5 kilometers, the Dutch almost always cycle more than they drive. Over longer distances (7.5 to 15 kilometres) the Dutch the study suggests around a third of trips are completed by bicycle or e-bike.

When it comes to electric bikes, Dutch bicycle retailers are now experiencing more transactions for pedal-assisted builds than they are pedal powered bikes, begging the question: In time might the Dutch cycle more journeys up to 15km over driving? The country is building more long-distance routes in order to encourage such behaviour.

Den Haag sits in third place, achieving 38% of trips by bike, while Rotterdam sees 31% of journeys ridden.