New DMR V11 breaks cover with £50 tag

DMR Bikes has lifted the lid on it’s V11, a moulded pedal that takes on the shape of its CNC machined Vault model, but weighs in at half the retail price.

Made with a durable glass reinforced nylon, the body features eleven replaceable steel pins each side for rock solid grip. Each of those pins are secured with captive locknuts for durability. Meanwhile, the outer pins are Vault Moto pins that sink deep into the rider’s shoe.

The pedal is the second composite model designed by Upgrade Bikes‘ house label, following on from the entry-level V6. This time around there is no compromise on the performance. The platform measures 105mm by 105mm, while the low profile (19mm) chassis gives as much ground clearance as is feasible for slimline pedal. platform. It also shares DMR’s unique concave centre that wins the votes of so many riders from local trails to Red Bull Rampage.

The £50 pedal, like others in the line up, is fully rebuildable thanks to the match up of its internals to other pedals in the catalogue. Running through the centre is a 4140 Cro-moly steel axle treated to the same hardened black coating normally reserved for the Brendog signature pedals. A high strength sealed cartridge bearing sits in the out-board position, while a hard wearing, low friction DU bushing sits in-board.

Seven vibrant colours – Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Turquoise and Yellow – will feature in the catalogue alongside a further toned down black shade.

Shops interested in carrying stock of the DMR V11 can now contact the UK distributor on 01403 711611.