Newbreed to enter children’s bike market with specialist mountain bike offering

A new label dedicated to kid’s mountain bikes is to enter the market in Spring, with bikes tested to adult standards.

Currently in first prototype form, Newbreed bikes is the brainchild of Dan Payne and his wife, who unsatisfied with the specialist offering currently on the market, will enter the market with a interchangeable dropout hardtail capable of hosting first a 16, then a 20-inch wheel.

Though still working full-time in the electrical business, Payne brings to the table a background in aerospace engineering and time spent working within bike shops as a mechanic.

He told CI.N: “In short, my wife and I set up NewBreed Bikes to provide decent mountain bikes for kids. When we were looking for a replacement bike for our eldest, we were struggling to find something. As much as we love the bikes Isla, Frog and Early Rider do, they just weren’t the type of bike he needed.

“We’ll be offering semi-to-full custom builds, which will be sold direct to the consumer while we get established. Down the line we would perhaps look to partner a handful of specialist stores.”

The firm has become one of the latest members of the Bicycle Association. From this the firm may benefit from guidance on testing, something which Payne says will go above and beyond what’s needed.

“We are hoping in the next month or two to have them sent off to the lab to be formally tested. We just have to work out exactly how is best to test them to make sure they are tested effectively for their type of use and that they will be safe for the kids riding them. As they are not your average kids bike we didn’t feel it made sense to test against the current kids specific bike standards.

“All being well we do hope to launch next spring/summer as long as all goes well with testing,” concluded Payne.