Nielsen international survey flags Asia’s surging appetite for cycling

A new survey pooling 1,000 responses from each of 33 international markets has tracked the appetite for cycling, noting the steepest trajectory in Asia.

Published just prior to the Tour de France’s departure, Nielsen outlined favourable results in appetite to cycle from Hong Kong, growing 39% to 48% of consumers showing interest; Japan, jumping 14% to 21% and China, where 25% spoke of a desire to cycle over 19% in 2013.

“We’re seeing a significant spike in interest in cycling across the region with numerous events being staged, especially in China,” said Claude Ringuet, son of a professional tour rider and Managing Director for Nielsen Sports in Southeast Asia and Greater China. “Increased investment and activation from the world’s top cycling brands targeting the region, a growing middle class, increased investment in cycling infrastructure and the staging of major cycling events have all contributed to this growth we’re seeing. The growth in both interest and steady participation increases are insights essential for both brands and rights owners looking to capitalize on this growth in public interest in the sport.”

Within Europe, just two countries – France and Italy – feature in the top ten with a growing appetite, albeit from an already enthusiastic base. Among the highest percentage declaring a desire to cycle, Spain returned 46% in favour of taking to two wheels for leisure or sport.

Russia and the U.S. both saw around a 5% increase in positive responses over the same 2013 survey.

Further evidence of global appetite, both existing and emerging, can be found within CI.N’s deep study of cities around the world building for active travel.