OneWay Distribution moving to new Rotterdam HQ

OneWay Distribution is to move premises at the end of 2021 taking on a new building consisting of almost 2000 m2 of office space and more than 8000 m2 of commercial space.

The Dutch distributor, which sells a number of brands into the UK market, but most notably the Cube bicycle brand, says that construction of the building is now underway.

The office is built at the front and then the business hall will operate behind.  Also at the front is a modern loading dock where seven trucks can load and unload cargo at the same time. What’s more, staff will enjoy a new recreation room, showrooms, meeting spaces and a lunch hall.

It is also expected that there will be space to grow into as the business expands further, but at the present time just over 60 staff will make the move.

The distributor said of the expansion: “Due to the strong growth of Oneway, there is a need for a larger building with sufficient opportunities to expand. The new accommodation will be built at the Christa Ehrlichhof in Rotterdam and will soon be completely energy neutral.”

It is hoped that the space will be operational by November of 2021. A timelapse shows the build underway here.